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Gaming / Re: I give up, what game is the background from?
« Last post by Lüt on September 28, 2020, 06:50:23 AM »
Looks like Robotrek's Rococo Town:

Admittedly, I thought it was from a Pokemon game at first. It's a somewhat similar style to a thing I've had saved for a while now called Costa City.
Gaming / Re: An unusual map
« Last post by Marscaleb on September 27, 2020, 09:14:26 PM »
Did that come with a different piece in each box or something?
Gaming / I give up, what game is the background from?
« Last post by Marscaleb on September 27, 2020, 09:10:24 PM »
So the slight site redesign from a little while back has shown details from maps on the site background, and I love it.
On the main page they have been cycling through different maps, roughly with the seasons of the Northern hemisphere.  Last spring I recall it was a map from Little Nemo with a bunch of flowers.  Really nice stuff.

I've been able to recognize the maps, even if some took me a little bit of time.  But the one that's up there right now...  Alright, I give up, I can't place it.
It looks like something from a GBA game, but I'm not very certain.
Gaming / Re: Complete game lists per console?
« Last post by JonLeung on September 23, 2020, 06:35:06 PM »
With the Genesis, it doesn't take very long to see that so-called "complete" games lists seem so different from each other.

"6-Pak" doesn't show up on some lists, including the Wikipedia list that I thought I could trust.  (Unless that's the one I think was missing, now that I think about it.)
I know "Action 52" isn't official, but shows up on some lists claiming it is.
I don't know why, but some lists don't have "Aero Blasters".

I can't even get through the "A" games without having multiple questions.

Probably my best bet is to copy and paste the Wikipedia list and then make it into a text file and use that, then compare other lists and do research on the games that create discrepancies.

But I guess what baffles me is that I can't find a really simple list - there was one the other day that came close as a text list with 719 games, as I said, but today I can't find that again...  We're talking about a game console from 1989, I feel like the work of sorting the games should have long been done and such a no-nonsense list should exist, so anything I do feels redundant.  (First world problems, am I right?)

Thanks for the suggested resources so far.  They will still be of some help; I guess I am expecting too much for wanting an accurate and complete, yet very basic list...
Gaming / Re: Complete game lists per console?
« Last post by Will on September 20, 2020, 04:33:49 PM »
The Angry Video Game Nerd seems to have complete alphabetical lists of games for many consoles. He owns nearly every official North America NES game in existence.
Gaming / Re: Complete game lists per console?
« Last post by Cleeem on September 20, 2020, 10:11:11 AM »
Hello Jon  :)
For the Master System, try this website made by Omar Cornut,

Omar is recognized as one of the world's leading console specialists for the Master System:

He made a list of games with all the countries and he believes that:
some are incomplete (Master System in Brazil and Korea)
some are complete (North America, Europe, Japan)
(bottom of the page)

He also produced remakes for the Master System:

He created the emulator (Meka) that can be downloaded from his site:

He lists a lot of maps:

There is a forum where you can eventually ask a question:
Gaming / Re: Complete game lists per console?
« Last post by JonLeung on September 20, 2020, 07:48:11 AM »
Actually, Genesis and Master System are my current priorities, if anyone can direct me to definitive lists... thanks.
Gaming / Re: Where can I get five- or six-suit decks of playing cards for cheap?
« Last post by JonLeung on September 20, 2020, 07:47:26 AM »
Holy necropost!  This was originally before a big party I had with my mom out of the house (a rarity) eleven years ago...  I didn't end up playing card games but I did find a sweet deck of six suits, with red crowns and black anchors added.  I wonder where that deck is now...

Funny thing is, I remember buying it from a site that was selling computer parts, and out of the blue they also had these cards but no other miscellaneous knickknacks...
Gaming / Re: Where can I get five- or six-suit decks of playing cards for cheap?
« Last post by brendantheraven on September 19, 2020, 04:12:22 PM »
Hello! Just wanted to add on to this old thread to say that I have designed a five suit deck of playing cards: the Deck of Shields.

Gaming / Complete game lists per console?
« Last post by JonLeung on September 18, 2020, 01:41:27 PM »
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of a resource (web sites, lists, apps) that list how many games there are per console.

Sure, I've seen many listings thanks to Google, but it doesn't help if they aren't in an easy-to-use spreadsheet or list form.  If they're going to be dynamic, they need filters - I don't care about hacks, homebrew/aftermarket, special editions, or variants based on the number of screws on the cartridge, etc.

I've known for a few years that for official North American releases, there are 677 NES cartridges, 718 Super NES cartridges, and 296 N64 cartridges.  But it took me a bit of research to figure that all out and be comfortable with those numbers.  I see that for the first two, now Wikipedia seems more accurate than they were five years ago - though they don't plainly say a number about the North American N64 releases though, other than 388 for all regions.

So I'm looking up official Sega Genesis games - North American, so, not Mega Drive - and Wikipedia says there are 713.  Cool.  But then I export the table to Excel, sort by NA release date, delete the rows that say "unreleased" or are later than 1998, and then I'm left with... 712?  I did this three times and can't figure out why I'm not getting 713.  I found another list elsewhere which lists 719 games (awfully close to the Super NES library, I didn't realize it was that close) and tried to find out what they had extra compared to Wikipedia.  I removed Pier Solar from the list, since that game came later, but couldn't find any other obvious candidates (the post-1998 games) to get it down to 713.

And I don't feel like it should take so much work anyway, it should already be done.  I mean, I just want a correct number and a proper list for the Genesis, and eventually I'd like to have that sort info on hand for any and all other consoles too.  You'd think they shouldn't be that hard to find...
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