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Maps In Progress / Re: Speaking of raw parts
« Last post by JonLeung on December 30, 2020, 05:22:52 PM »
Tropicon, you've also made maps for most of Kirby: Super Star (Super NES).

It's probably one of the best Kirby games ever (because of its variety and yet is still epic), probably only surpassed by its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra (DS), which added even more stuff.  All of the "games" within are very much Kirby games, but there are differences between each of them which mix it up.

One of the best segments is The Great Cave Offensive, which, like most of them, is also a Kirby platformer, though this is not simply racing through a linear obstacle course to the end.  There are treasures to find, so making use of powers in the right places to locate and access treasure chests is the core of this experience.

I love Tropicon's raw maps for The Great Cave Offensive, but I think it would be really cool to show where the treasure chests are, as well as their contents and value.  It's sort of neat for trivia references as treasures include items from other Nintendo games, like the Falcon Helmet (F-Zero), Mr. Saturn (EarthBound), Kong's Barrel (Donkey Kong), Pegasus Wing (Kid Icarus), and the Triforce (The Legend Of Zelda).  The Triforce is quite valuable, which is unsurprising at first glance, but at 800,000 G, it's tied in value with a couple other items and somehow not worth as much as the Katana at 990,000 G.

(Retranslations in the Ultra version on DS would properly name Screw Attack (Metroid), Phanto Mask (Super Mario Bros. 2), Koopa Shell (Super Mario Bros.) and Falchion (Fire Emblem), and then replace some items with Machine Parts (Kirby: Air Ride), Power Paintbrush (Kirby: Canvas Curse), Cell Phone (Kirby And The Amazing Mirror), Three-Star Cane (Kirby: Squeak Squad), and the Gold Watering Can (Animal Crossing).)

So I think it would be really cool if those are also up for being marked up.
Maps In Progress / Re: Drill Dozer (GBA)
« Last post by TerraEsperZ on December 29, 2020, 09:09:45 PM »
This is just a small update to indicate I've gone back to work on this and I'm almost finished with Area 4-1.
Maps In Progress / Re: Quackshot
« Last post by Cleeem on December 27, 2020, 05:00:25 PM »
Hello there! ;)
QuackShot maps are now finished.  8)

Many thanks to the contributors for their maps on this game.  :)
  • I made the missing ones (+30)
  • for the other maps already made(=15, I add secret items of the barrels and other items given by the enemies, and very little other things
  • all 45 maps will be in the category "marked"
It is the gift of the beginning of 2021  :), for the 30th anniversary of the release of one of the coolest Genesis games (QuackShot = 1991  ;)).

Click here for all the maps:

Maps In Progress / Re: Jackster's Map Projects
« Last post by Jackster on December 25, 2020, 11:22:55 PM »
So realizing that Kirby's Dream Land 3 is going to take longer than I thought, I went ahead and took something else from my list while I work on that.

Rhino Rumble (Game Boy Color)

Despite the parallax background effects they put in this game (which I'm still scratching my head over how they did it on a GBC), it was surprisingly very easy to rip.
Maps In Progress / Re: Jackster's Map Projects
« Last post by Jackster on December 18, 2020, 11:19:02 PM »
Phew! After 2 weeks of working on the remainder, what was originally my first map project is now finally complete and submitted.

Shining Wisdom (Sega Saturn)
Map Requests / Re: Mother 3
« Last post by N. Harmonik on December 18, 2020, 06:13:44 PM »
The text is a little small but there is a free version available.
Maps In Progress / Re: Speaking of raw parts
« Last post by Cleeem on December 16, 2020, 05:22:13 AM »
[...] it made me think about all the unmarked maps I have on my site that I'll never get around to marking up.  So I decided to let everybody here take a crack at them.
If anybody's interested here's the list or all the games on VGMapper that I've made full sets of raw maps

After almost 10 years (2011 ^^), I post here because I have the pleasure to have used your maps of Dragon View, dear Tropicon to make a completed version for it:
  • add all chests
  • add important people
  • add secrets (missing secret rooms, items ...)
  • add a lot of names & info to help
  • add all map location (50 mini-maps of the Owerworld)
Everything is 100% finished and I will provide it here on vgmaps in a few days. :-)
Thanks for allowing me to do this.
Without your work, I would never have started anything for this game. ^^

click here for all the maps:

Maps In Progress / incomplete arcade maps
« Last post by GHS on December 14, 2020, 07:22:26 AM »
Just letting everybody know that any arcade that is not finished and has not been called  dibs on I will complete.
So unless called dibs on its up for grabs. even mine.
Mapping Tips/Guides / Re: Best Emulators for Making Maps/Ripping Backgrounds
« Last post by GHS on December 14, 2020, 06:39:20 AM »
For arcades mame of course (f4, time map viewer) but some game you would have to use older versions.
For genesise/MD Gens Re-Rrcording (has option for pink background to separate layers from the black transparant BG), wish other emulators had that.
Map Requests / Re: Mother 3
« Last post by TerraEsperZ on December 08, 2020, 06:27:54 PM »
I was just about to post about the same thing!

I bought a digital copy of this guide years ago for the maps alone since I've never even played a Mother game before...
As a fan guide, it is easily more professionally made than many of the last few game guides published on paper.

Of course, it's a guide and not a series of image files on VGMaps but if you're looking for an amazing walkthrough for Mother 3, this guide is the best thing available.
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