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Gaming / Re: Nintendo Leak: The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past on Game Boy
« Last post by TerraEsperZ on February 21, 2021, 12:20:34 PM »
Personally, the text and the pictures seem to indicate a new game "in the style of" A Link to the Past.
I think those pictures are most likely mockups to showcase their engine and give an idea of what to expect.
That minimap certainly looks rough and unfinished.
Ah ah, all is finished and I will give the maps in 1 or 2 days!  :)
I would like to take the time to discuss about colors!

Tastes and colors
  • Some will want to discover every pixel and every color available.
  • For my part, I like it when maps tell a story and encourage exploration.
    Colors at night often reduce legibility and in my desire to make people discover and explore, the daytime is more suitable.
    I also like warm colors and that's why I will provide the "sunrise" palette.  8)

The 2 redone maps
  • Mud Bog seems inverted (blue colors during day), so I did it again with night colors (green)...
  • I made the Swamp by night. It is where Rotty open the gate to Cackle Mound level for you! It is very easy to make: the shortest map of the game
    (Ghost Forest and Archer Forest, which are right next door, are already dark and harmonize superbly with Swamp at night, so I don't need to make maps at night for those ones).

All 4 shades
If I had several lives and unlimited motivation, why not? ^^
Yes, it is possible to make all color shades in theory. 16 zones * 4 = 64 maps!
It could be fun to make animated gif for them! ^^
I can understand if you only have time, or simply choose, to do just one version of each map.

Don't feel you have to limit things for my end of it though, I'd be happy to have all times of day for all maps.  ;P
Gaming / Re: Nintendo Leak: The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past on Game Boy
« Last post by Marscaleb on February 20, 2021, 09:48:34 PM »
Hmm, maybe I was wrong then?
But that being said, that article already talks about unique elements to Link's Awakening.
Perhaps if it was "originally a remake of LttP" it was only for a very short time, like some of the devs wondered "hey could remake it on the Game Boy?" and so they tried, and when they saw how feasible it was they quickly decided to make something original.
The two games are different enough that I just can't imagine that it spent much time trying to be a remake before they turned it into something new.
Map Requests / Brave Fencer Musashi
« Last post by Marscaleb on February 20, 2021, 09:42:02 PM »
If anyone wants to try their hand at mapping a 3D game, may I suggest this wonderful title?

If anyone here is unfamiliar with this game, I would compare it gameplay-wise to a Zelda game.  You have a single large world, but you can only explore certain parts.  As you go through the game you get new abilities and open new areas, and find new dungeons with new bosses to fight.  Overall it plays linearly with a progressing storyline.
Also, the game is charming and funny.  It has a lighthearted setting with food-related names and doesn't take itself too seriously.
Try to get a real copy because for some reason some emulators don't draw the speech bubbles right.
This is a great idea! :)
I'm going to make the night maps for the levels named Swamp & Mud Bog.
It's been a while since I've played this game.  Wouldn't there be a forest or two, and/or wherever you meet Rottytops, that might look better with one of the night palettes, whereas the rest of the game might be in day palettes?
And yes, I made the complete maps for the game for my pleasure. 8)

TerraEsperZ the Great
Thank you for being there my friend. Your own difficulties and choices helped me a lot to make simple choices because I too was likely to consume a lot of time. You are so much like me, so perfectionist... But I have arrived at a moment when I must make choices to go fast and have no regrets in my works...
My maps will be published separately from you on vgmaps because I will provide the whole thing in the marked category (while you prefer the unmarked versions).
Thus, each of us will find its account with pleasure, joy and lightness! ^^

Surprising colors
I was surprised to have half of my maps in one shade of color while the other half was in a different shade...
One half will be modified to harmonize the whole thing...

What was difficult
The capture was difficult due to a background that I was unable to hide and with a scrolling at a different speed.
So I had to delete the background after the capture and add it separately. Fortunately, the Overworld was not concerned by this.

My choices
I don't intend to provide maps for all 4 shades of color, one will be enough!
Because yes, making several colors is an adventure where I go my way (knowing that there are 4 shades and even 8 if you play on the Game Boy Advance instead of Game Boy Color but those ones are not the good ones because the game was designed for Game Boy Color! ^^).

I say a little goodbye
I gave all my time and love for these maps.
Since life is short and nothing is certain in the short term, I wanted to be sure to leave after producing what I loved (a great source of motivation to go fast, ha ha! ^^).
A big thank you to all those who exchanged with me, I was delighted to share these good moments! :)
New adventures await me!  ;)
Hello everyone!  :)
Click in the picture to enlarge to help you find out what is your your favorite part of the day! ^^
You can also change your answer at anytime if needed.

I am just curious, so please tell me by voting above! ^^

Maps In Progress / Re: Jackster's Map Projects
« Last post by Jackster on February 19, 2021, 03:06:55 AM »
A new map of mine is now up.

Toy Story (Sega Genesis)

This one was an attempt on some ideas I had to map these levels and to challenge myself to see if I can pull it off. The results were pretty good if I say so myself. You can watch how Traveller's Tales pulled off some of these effects here and here. These videos helped me further understand how to map these.

The ideas include:
  • Getting the perspective right in the side-scrolling levels. Notice the floor with the furniture sides matching it. What I did was rip the background from Bizhawk's VDP Viewer, cropped and edited the floor so it looks straight, tiled it in Clip Studio Paint to expand it throughout the level and stretched it to give it a perspective. The sides were just animated background tiles made up of 22 frames that i had to rip each one by hand. Then I used CSP's perspective guide to place each of those frames to match that of the floor.
  • Simulating pseudo-transparency the way it's displayed on a CRT rather than an emulator (i.e. the coin tubes in Level 10 and the glass in Level 12), something continued from mapping Kirby's Dream Land 3 that I plan to do for future Genesis games. Had to use filters for Bizhawk and Kega Fusion, as well as watching a speedrun played on a real console and CRT, as reference in order to pull this look off.
  • The 3D 'Doom' level. I already knew some basics in 3D modeling for Maya, so making the map for this level wasn't entirely hard. Ripping the textures from the game took some thinking though since what you see in the level is rendered in the VDP Viewer too. So what I came up with was to position myself so I'm facing the wall straight and screen capturing each of the textures from there. It's not perfect, but since the textures are going to be distorted anyway when rendered in an orthographic view, it doesn't really matter.
  • The 3D driving level. This one I had to eyeball on the road for; to see how far the turns go, how far the straight parts of the road go, etc. As for mapping it, if you're familiar with Clip Studio Paint, you would know that there is a ribbon feature in its brush engine where you can easily draw things like chains and rope with. So I created my own road texture in Aseprite, turned it into a ribbon brush in CSP, and drew it on a vector layer for easier editing. I was originally going to add in the background stuff like the buildings and the trucks, but that would have been difficult to get the textures for. So I left them out.
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