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Map Requests / Re: Solar Winds Sector size [Map Request or Mapping Tips?]
« Last post by DarkWolf on Yesterday at 01:03:04 PM »
I didn't have a ton of time to dig into it, but I did find something interesting. It looks like the bh_start.dat contains a save game file that is loaded at the start of a new game. So a lot of the game's data can probably be found here. The positions of ships would pretty much need to be stored here, so the planets might be as well. You can even find text for the SCIENCE option on the objects.

Also my worries about the size/scale might be off. I had misremembered the sector size being larger than it is.
Map Requests / Re: Solar Winds Sector size [Map Request or Mapping Tips?]
« Last post by DarkWolf on Yesterday at 11:38:15 AM »
Have you done a search for an incrementing/decrementing value as you move the ship in one direction? They may have used a separate variable to keep track of the sub-sector position, or used a fixed precision number where some of the bits represent the sector and the others the sub-sector. Just a guess though.

Also, do you need the map to be pixel perfect? I thought about mapping this game before, but I felt like there would have been a lot of empty space and the scale of planets and ships would be weird, especially for the second game. Even though I have nostalgia for these games, looking at it today, it kind of wasted the open space feature with a very linear story line. I have always been curious if there were any secret areas though. Wonder where the object locations are stored...
Gaming / Raptor is being updated! (Also textures)
« Last post by Mikemc on April 18, 2021, 06:06:46 PM »
Scott Host is porting Raptor: Call of the Shadows to all the systems, and making an Enhanced edition! w00t
In this stream, he shuffles through all(?) of the textures and sprites from the game so if you need some clean tiles then maybe clip them from the video.
Map Requests / Solar Winds Sector size [Map Request or Mapping Tips?]
« Last post by Mikemc on April 11, 2021, 02:30:48 AM »
I periodically go back to trying to map out Solar Winds, but it's hard to determine how big a sector is when the background is mostly black :/.
Does anyone know how many pixels a sector is in Solar Winds (Epic Megagames)? I have been using tSearch to try replicating the random stars, planets, or anything where pixels can be seen.

I suppose I could go Mythbusters and measure the time it takes to fly over a planet, then compare with flying between 2 sectors..
You can try a program for taking screenshots, that auto-names and saves them, then stitch together afterwards
Mapping Tips/Guides / Re: Is it possible to make a map of 3D game on Nintendo 64?
« Last post by Mikemc on April 11, 2021, 02:14:08 AM »
Back in 2010, I used an N64 emulator called Nemu to move the camera around & take pictures. Here's the post in the ancient Nintendo 64 thread:

Looks like 2016 was the latest post, but lots of good information in there.
Map Requests / Re: JonLeung's Requests
« Last post by JonLeung on April 08, 2021, 08:37:30 AM »
George s, who loves arcade games, mapped my recent request of the Namco arcade classic The Tower Of Druaga.  Thanks so much!

Coincidentally, Pac-Man 99 was just announced the other day and released yesterday for the Switch.  At 2:01 in the trailer, you can see there is even a The Tower Of Druaga theme for it!

VGMaps Social Board / Fave Favourite Films per year - April 1980 to March 2021
« Last post by JonLeung on April 07, 2021, 01:36:48 PM »

2001-2021 (so far):

So with a lot more spare time on my hands lately, I decided to get caught up on some movies and compile a list that I meant to do last year.    I present: my fave five films for each year that I've been alive.

Within each year, the leftmost one is my favourite.

Obviously this differs from if I were to compile my favourite films ever, since many years had six or more good films, and some years I just barely met the quota of five.  I mean, Superman III?  Come on.  But I haven't seen much else from 1983.

I've only seen five films in 2021 so far, so... those are it by default.

I made the mistake of posting this on reddit's r/movies subreddit, where I was immediately bombarded with disappointment at the "mainstreamness" of my picks.  While I expected disagreement, I should have known better than to expect civility from the Internet, and reddit of all places, come on!  There were very few actual suggestions or legitimate "what about this movie?" comments as they'd rather just slam the picks that are suited for a "twleve-year-old".  I should have clarified these are generally "fun" movies; I can appreciate The Passion Of The Christ (2004) for what it is, but the brutality in it kind of makes it hard to just have on in the background, you know?  Like I said, if they wanted a list of five Academy Award Best Picture nominees, I'm sure that's already online.  These are my picks.  Anyone else can make their own, and we can scrutinize their picks, how about that?  I plan to update this now if any movie I watch makes it in my top five for the year - I certainly expect 2021 to change.

I actually welcome discussion, as that's the whole point of me sharing it, but come on, some people should try acting like they would in real life.  To be fair, at least some people respected the effort and presentation.

I guess the presentation, though simple, is kind of neat that by making the space between the columns exactly one-third of the width of the posters, they came out to be perfectly 16:9 images, which made me okay with splitting it into two instead of as one huge image as I originally planned.  The individual posters would have been too small to view anyway.  These images are reduced to 4K resolution, as the originals are too big.

Hope someone here likes it (even if my choices are a little "basic" or pedestrian).  And we can talk about these, just don't be a jerk about it.
Gaming / Re: Super info on Old School Action RPG
« Last post by Cleeem on April 03, 2021, 05:46:58 AM »
Hello Jon!
Thank you for the video.  :)

Pocky & Rocky 2 on Snes has an even closer scene to the movie, for the resemblance of the dragon's body.

Our Japanese and Chinese friends use them a lot, it's in their culture.
Some dragons are evil while others are extremely benevolent or wise...

I like this movie clip close to the Mana atmosphere.
It's a nice find and I thank you very much for sharing it.  :)
Gaming / Re: Super info on Old School Action RPG
« Last post by JonLeung on April 02, 2021, 11:25:59 AM »
Coincidentally, I just watched the movie The NeverEnding Story (1984) for the first time yesterday, and was wondering if Falkor the Luck Dragon might have been referenced in the Mana series through the Mana Beast / Flammie.  There's even a scene in the movie where Atreyu is flying on Falkor and they are soaring over the land with some music that really sounds like JRPG flight music, like beginning here at 0:45...
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