Game: Silva Saga II: The Legend Of Light And Darkness (J) (Seta, Super NES)

Compiler: FlyingArmor

For this month's "Maps Of The Month" featurette, I wish to draw your attention to FlyingArmor's Silva Saga II: The Legend Of Light And Darkness (J) (Super NES) maps.

Waking up with amnesia, one of the few things you do remember is that you were on a quest to defeat the forces of the evil Zuhl. But now you must find and catch up to Kyral, the Light Warrior, and together you will be able to defeat the son of Zuhl, the evil Zolde.

Okay, the story is a little simple, and even a little clich´┐Ż. What IS unique is the battle system. As you go about your jounrey, to defend yourself from the world's many monsters, you will have to hire powerful mercenaries and utilize magical idols. And speaking of battles, the enemies are often animated and there are fancy battle transitions. Though I guess you wouldn't be able to tell that from these maps...

And speaking of maps, FlyingArmor once again helps any 16-bit adventurer with this complete map set to the world of Minelvaton (which looks quite different than in the original Minelvaton Saga on the Famicom). As you might expect from a JRPG, the epic adventure will span the entire world. The world of Minelvaton is fairly vast, though its features might not be hugely different from many other fantasy RPGs... grass, forests, mountains... it may be familiar, but it does seem a bit more mountainous than most RPG worlds, and a quarter of the map, the whole northwest quadrant, seems to be dedicated to Zolde's castle and the four coloured towers that surround it. From the Village of Beta, through the Temple Of Thor and the Pantheon, all the way to Zolde's Castle, FlyingArmor, through his trademark thoroughness will ensure that you won't miss any items on your way to meeting up with Kyral!

So to recognize the effort put into mapping the finale of the Minvelvaton trilogy, FlyingArmor's Silva Saga II: The Legend Of Light And Darkness (J) (Super NES) maps will be known as VGMaps.com's Maps Of The Month for January 2019.

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Congratulations and thanks to the Mapmakers of 2019!